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Earned Media

GPR's top priority is to publicize client messaging efficiently.  Jody and  his team engage their highly-skilled persuasion skills to secure  earned (or free) media coverage in all markets and across all mediums (print, broadcast, web, or otherwise).

Press Releases

As a Journalism major, and someone who has been dealing directly with Journalists his entire career, Jody prides himself on his writing talents. As such, GPR specializes in taking client narratives and fashioning them into compelling press releases and press pitches that spark media interest.

Press Reports

GPR tracks all messages it distributes through the media and reports back regularly to clients with clippings and performance metrics.  For social media and wire releases, GPR can provide in depth analytic reports, so you can see where you message is sticking the most.

Media Relations

Public Relations can be referred to as Public "Relationships".  A great Publicist is constantly leveraging the relationships he or she has made within the press. A message has a much better chance of being placed and communicated effectively if it originates from a trustworthy, respected source.

Media Training

Whether you've done it a hundred times, or not at all, an interview can be daunting. GPR will give you media training and the tools necessary so when it's your turn in front of the microphone, you can get your message across calmly and with impact.

Press Outreach

GPR distributes press releases to its extensive media lists that contain local, regional, and national press contacts. In addition, GPR targets and pitches key press outlets and blogs individually for feature stories. GPR can reach anyone, from Blogger to Editor to Producer.

Social Media

It's vital to stay connected with new and existing audiences in today's fast-paced social media world.  GPR has the ability to implement professional social media strategy and management into its service offerings. Note: an additional fee is required depending on the scope of social media needs.

Crisis Communications

When and if a crisis arises and you need to mitigate damage to your company’s reputation by third party sources, GPR can counsel management on effective communications tactics and help implement strategies to "put out the fire."

Media Spokesperson

Jody has created a successful career out of making stories sound better.  He has an extensive track-record of  communicating his clients messages to the media. As such, Jody can serve as your media spokesperson in the event you are not comfortable doing so personally.

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